If you want truly to understand something, try to change it.

Kurt Lewin

In northern Arabia, a Caïd is a master – a guide or coach. This is what we want to be for our clients. Mastering the challenges that arise in change programs, managing development processes and strategic initiatives, and supporting our clients in their decision making and communication strategy are at the core of what we can and love to do.

Caïd is more than just a name. The four letters represent what we bring to your projects and processes:

Consulting based on analytics, inspiration and design thinking

Caïd Ventures bring together uniquely skilled, experienced professionals to bring about the strategic transformation and innovative solutions you need. These professionals have been successful in their careers both as partners in consulting firms or as leaders in industrial or service companies. The project teams we form based on your request are as large as needed and as small as possible, plus as versatile as the challenge is. They share a common understanding of performance and quality forged by decades of experience. Caïd was founded and is managed by Achim Wirtz.